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Meet our team

Rich Arnold

Rich has dedicated his entire professional career to assisting founders and owners of applied technology businesses and projects to achieve their objectives and to make a real difference in the world.

Rich believes strongly in Peter Drucker’s famous quote that “culture eats strategy for breakfast”, bringing to Beckon Capital a passionate dedication to the values we share and drive the businesses and projects we invest in.

A seasoned, multi-national financial and operating executive with over forty years of experience working with both small and medium sized businesses, Rich has performed in senior executive, advisory and Board roles for both private and listed enterprises in Australia and the USA as well as for several of Australia’s major investors. He led the strategy and finance functions for the US investment firm, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc through 13 years of meteoric growth, and learned there the fundamental importance of customer focus and enterprise agility as core corporate values.

Applying his unique combination of a long-term planning horizon and a short-term dedication to operational excellence, continual improvement and rapid adaptation to changing customer needs and market dynamics, Rich has consistently created value for shareholders, customers and the communities served by his client enterprises. Through his extensive work with Australian financial planning and investment management companies he has contributed significantly to the national wealth base and to the well-being of Australian individuals and families.

Rich is a regular keynote speaker at technology and investment conferences in both Australia and the USA and is a member of the national associations of company directors in both countries.