What do we do?

We provide finance for impact enterprises.

We make a real difference, looking to fund economically sustainable growth.

We aim to offer investors competitive returns while using their money to make a real difference to communities through our impact funds.

Our funds are only available to Australian wholesale investors.

What sets Beckon Capital apart?

We are investors with a difference. We actively partner with our investments.

We are committed to delivering capital where it is most needed, helping human enterprises succeed and contribute to society. We listen and work together with our enterprise partners; providing guidance when needed, building capability and a strong foundation for your business to grow.

We are transforming investment by using human insights, simplifying processes and using leading edge technology.

What type of SMEs can Beckon Capital help?

Enterprises positively contributing to communities. These can be social impact enterprises or innovative projects in the built environment.

Ideally, you should have proven your concept, have a team of 3+ and be ready to scale your business – and needing capital to do this.

You are open to a trusting partnership to guide and help you to realise your vision.

Will returns be lower with impact investments?

We intend to offer competitive returns on investments compared to funds of similar risk profiles.

We believe knowing the imputs and ouputs and measuring their impacts is simply good business practice. Data helps our investments make informed decisions and because they are contributing positively are more likely to have a sustainable future.

Investment returns need to be assessed in the light of the risk taken to gain those returns. As the businesses being backed by Beckon have a direct connection to local communities, the profitability and capital required can be fairly accurately forecast. The nature of the businesses' returns is primarily income rather than capital growth. Beckon does not invest in businesses which are seeking to be the next unicorn, due to the risks associated with such businesses.

How do I get finance?

What do you need to be ready to get finance?

You should be clear about-

  • your vision
  • the impact your project has on a community
  • the market opportunity you are addressing
  • the product or service you are offering
  • the problem you are solving
  • your team and what they do
  • current revenue/profit and what the potential will be when you scale
  • the resources you need to deliver on your vision

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