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Beckoning Impact to Drive Profit

Beckon treats impact as an investment strategy designed to deliver more sustainable returns – financially, socially and environmentally. We believe impact drives profit.

So, what does Impact really mean?

Impact means different things to different people. It is not a fad, it’s here to stay. Investing in Impact is a way of sustainably securing our future.

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Impact investing started as sacrificing profit to meet a social or environmental need.

Next, impact investing was treated as a balancing act; delivering profit while doing good things. In fact, this version is defined by The Global Impact Investing Network as “… the intention to generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return”.

Beckon has evolved Impact a step further.

We believe that profit through impact delivers sustainable return. Impact and ESG data can help businesses make better decisions, improve product design and report to investors how their money is making a difference.

Impact Investing is doing more than good.

There’s a good reason why ESG Funds and impact investing are grabbing the attention of investors.

  • 70% of U.S. sustainable equity funds ranked in top 50% of their categories
  • Global sustainable funds pulled in $45.6 billion during Q1 2020 compared to an outflow of $384.7 billion for the overall fund universe amid the coronavirus pandemic market sell-off
  • There is no financial tradeoff in the returns of sustainable funds and traditional funds
  • Sustainable funds may offer lower market risk. Sustainable funds experienced a 20% smaller downside deviation than traditional funds, a consistent and statistically significant finding (Morgan Stanley report)
  • U.S. ESG Funds Outperformed Conventional Funds in 2019
  • The ESG and impact boom has started

"In the last two years, European investors have switched from non-ESG to ESG funds, selling $7.5bn of the former and buying $4.3bn of the latter."

"ESG accounts for 84% of all equity investments since 2019."

How we Beckonise our investments

We take a ground-up approach by measuring and managing impact in partnership with our investees.

We work with SMEs to choose their own social and/or environmental goals, using our system to measure and manage their ‘net impact’ and assessing the positive outcomes with broader ESG considerations.

The impact results of all investees are aggregated into an annual fund impact report.

We use data to show the correlations between impact and financial outcomes of a business model - ‘returns through impact’.

An Impact Story - by Slurrytub

Impact data is a powerful tool for competitive advantage. Our first investment, Slurrytub, demonstrates how.

Slurrytub uses a patented, portable, filtering system to remove slurry from building sites and prevent contamination of waterways and urban environments.

We worked with Slurrytub to identify and measure their impact, using capital to scientifically test the environmental benefits of their product and get GECA certification.

Slurrytub won its first major contract because of its measurable positive impact. Henley Homes selected Slurrytub to help promote their own environmental credentials to their customers.

Learn more about Slurrytub.

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