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Our new Fund drives sustainable returns by providing capital and capability to Australian growth businesses who contribute positive social and environmental outcomes. We believe small to medium enterprises who deliver impact are more likely to deliver longer term profit - and make a real difference in our world.

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About our Fund

The Fund provides growth equity to SMEs who contribute positive impact to the world.

This means Beckon delivers capital along with our expertise, providing strategic insights and capability to make our investment SMEs stronger. By doing this, productivity and value is created, helping to secure more sustainable returns.

SMEs are a relatively untapped asset class in Australia. They offer quality, consistent returns because they have:

  • Valuations typically lower than ASX listed and larger companies
  • Innovative, adaptive approaches
  • Potential for capital appreciation
  • Measurable impacts that make a real difference

We believe that businesses that measure impact are better positioned to deliver long term profits.

Graph displaying a valuation comparison of SMEs to global equity indices and where Beckon sits

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Our impact SME investments really measure up

If you invest in this Fund, you’ll actually see how your capital is making a difference. With access to data-driven reports through an impact dashboard, you can measure the real impacts your investment is achieving. This data encourages better decision making for enterprises in the Fund, improving commercial outcomes, reducing risk and encouraging more impact.

We Beckon a simple, smart, and lower risk investment

We help grow the SMEs we invest in. As minority partners, we tailor our support to help SMEs really thrive.

By sharing our experience and unlocking capital we can ignite the potential of many amazing Australian enterprises.

Here’s how we do it:

  • Collaboration on what might be possible
  • Strategic guidance with milestones
  • Building capability where it's needed
  • Using impact and other data for better decision making
  • Providing capital in stages when milestones are achieved
  • Access to innovation for greater efficiency

Why are SMEs a good investment?

SMEs are the backbone of our economy, employing around 68% of the private workforce. Yet, SMEs often struggle to find the capital they need to grow. We really believe impact SME are an asset class ripe for investment. SME offer:

  • Great value compared to ASX listed, larger companies
  • Sustainable returns and capital gain
  • Innovative and adapative businesses
  • Responsiveness to productivity improvement
  • Positive social and environmental impacts

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