July 2021

Net Zero as the ultimate brand(ing)?


“The ice we skate is getting pretty thin
The water's getting warm so you might as well swim
My world's on fire. How about yours?”

Further to my piece last week on what is the world’s best brand I am proposing Net Zero as the ultimate branding.

Perhaps the question I should have posed is what do the best brands of tomorrow look like?

To answer this question, not only does one need to think about goods and services but more importantly about the social trends that are likely to persist for years to come.

Sustainability can mean many different things but at its core it is about meeting the needs of the present without compromising future generations’ ability to meet their needs. At its heart there is conflict that has traditionally been resolved in the maximization of shorter-term gains. As with everything, time frames matter but perhaps for the first time in history the time frame of what is sustainable is being set on a macro scale. The decision of the Paris Agreement to limit emissions to net zero in the second half of this century naturally meant that 2050 became the key date.

Google trends shows the recent increases for both “net zero” and “net zero by 2050”

net zero source: Google Trends
net zero 2050 source: Google Trends

This has coincided with the explosive growth in ESG related asset management.

Successful branding over time requires credibility and nowhere is this likely to be more important than with regards to “net zero”. Running targeted campaigns won’t be enough, companies and countries will have to be able to demonstrate their net zero credentials. This is where tokenization meets sustainability and is likely to add to the credibility of “net zero” claims. This is also why carbon trading and offsets are here to stay and likely to grow in importance. As this need for net zero credibility becomes an essential part of a brand will the SME space be able to compete? Yes, if they focus now on the impact their business is having on the environment, Beckon Capital can help them in this regard.

Political parties will have to continue to adopt credible net zero policies, something I believe the current Government in Australia will actually do, heading into next year’s election.

(This post was inspired by a Linked In post from Dorothy Liu in response to my earlier piece)


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