Impact and Governance
Meet our Team

Beth Franklin


Contributing her legal and commercial skills, data expertise and technology knowledge, Beth is managing our governance and impact reporting.

Beth is inspired by creating Beckon Capital’s revolutionary new tool for measuring and managing social and environmental impact along with financial returns, providing information to improve investee performance and reporting how each investment is making a real difference.

Beckon Capital’s mission aligns perfectly with Beth’s passion to help evolve business and corporate structures to produce positive social and environmental returns at every point in the economy.

Beth’s achievements as an in-house and private practice lawyer and as a management consultant include:

· Taking companies to IPO, listing companies on the ASX, selling companies into private equity, managing Australian and international mergers and acquisitions.

· Building and managing data governance for products with complex data streams.

· Lobbying Australian and international bodies on data governance issues.

· Advising on technology law specialising in copyright in software.

· Advising international banks and financial institutions on global, multi-jurisdictional digital innovation.

Beth holds a Bachelor of Laws (LLB (Hons)) from the University of Sydney


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