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Fiona Prior


Fiona is Executive Officer to Beckon Capital and works in the Strategic Engagement team.

Fiona has always been involved in life-enhancing projects; her working life having focused on the arts, cultural change, and support services in the public and private sectors of Australia, Mexico and Dubai.


• Fiona worked at Sherman Galleries at the time it was the most successful commercial gallery in Australia.

• Assistant Manager of Government House. This role comprised managing property conservation, educational/tour management, Vice Regal event management and general administration of this Historic Houses Trust property.

• Created and managed the Inaugural Sculpture by the Sea Symposium; the largest site-specific temporary sculpture exhibition in the world.

• Created the original e-conomics website ‘Henry Thornton’ using HTML coding and taught the original 'Henry' contributors to publish to web. The website is in its 20th year. (A series of Fiona’s HT essays have been archived by the National Library of Australia in the Pandora Trove. More here

• Worked in an (at the time) break-through ‘de-institutionalisation’ program with first-offending minors at Old Bidura House, Glebe. (*This was a pilot program that recognised the negative impacts institutionalisation has on children and was attempting to break the pattern of one in every ten child affenders ending up in prison in their adult lives.)

• Published by Stiletto magazine, Satellite magazine, Billy Blue magazine, The Bridge newspaper, Online Opinion, Henry Thornton, and Idee Idea, amongst other hard-copy and online publications.

Fiona has a Bachelor of Arts from Sydney University and an MBA from RMIT.


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