Chief Product Officer
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Bertrand De Oliveira


Bertrand has a decade of experience in digital product management, growth, innovation, finance and entrepreneurship with startup, scale-up and corporate. He believes in creating a culture that allows people to have a greater sense of purpose and is passionate about creating a deeply sustainable, resilient and inclusive future for all. He is a dad, an adventurer, an advocate of mindfulness and sustainable living.

He can work on a wide range of topics and has a great capacity to adapt but specialises on:-

- Collaborating with executive management to support strategic, finance and technology decisions.

- Implementing design thinking, lean and agile methods to support the acceleration of new ideas and business growth that are consumer-focused and commercially viable

- Growing acquisition metrics at scale for consumer facing businesses, B2B2C, SaaS; especially in FinTech, eCommerce.

- Driving P&L improvements through startup, scale-up and product acceleration activities that impact acquisition and retention metrics.

- Advocating on impact framework, people culture and product principles

- Running various workshops to support product discovery, business strategy, strategic initiatives planning and new ways of working

- Individual coaching for CEOs, business and product leaders- Advising on corporate finance strategies and connection to capital to accelerate growth.


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