Getting capital and capability to where it matters most.

Bluefin is an investment hub that helps Local Enterprises and Projects access funding and capability at a fair price and Impact Investors to properly quantify risk and achieve higher social and economic returns.
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Inclusive & affordable

Focused on systemic impact

Community-based partners

We believe that democratising access to capital and capability in local communities is key to our future.

Imagine a world where Big Capital is flowing in service of Nature. Honouring people and places.

We are building this bridge for our future.
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Bluefin Capital

Fast & affordable funding for local enterprise

Bluefin provides debt and equity capital up to $10m per local enterprise or project. We offer innovative impact financing solutions for every key moment of growth. Our process is simple. We provide personalised pricing based your project's financial strengths, risks and positive impact.
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Bluefin Invest

Quality impact investments for your portfolio

Bluefin combines technology, senior analysts and partnerships to source and underwrite high quality impact investments. We offer impact investment strategies, structuring advice and fund management services for family offices and investors committed to impact.
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Bluefin Engage

Inclusive onboarding for potential investees

Bluefin provides potential investee onboarding technology that turns every user into a winner. We say no to binary outcomes and enable every user to learn about their business, and their readiness to attract investment while making it easy for risk and investment analysts to collaborate.
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Bluefin Assess

Faster risk decisions for impact investment

Bluefin provides decision support tools to help you properly quantify risk and price capital. Our product drastically reduces your costs to assess your potential investments. We also offer an API integration to embed an impact investment offering directly into your ecosystem.
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Focused on connecting Big Capital to use cases where it will deliver the most total impact.

Inclusive & affordable

Local enterprises that need more than the capacity of seed investors but whose scale is too small for private equity investors.

Large-scale Civic

Projects that are struggling to structure terms that satisfy all stakeholders, in particular those of the capital providers.

Grass Roots

Projects that often come from the heart but struggle to meet the financial and reporting requirements of philantropic investors.

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World leading partners have already joined the Bluefin network.

The more values-aligned partners, the stronger

Join the Bluefin Partner Network and see how we can help you drive financial and impact results.

Implemented Advisers

Support your clients with our impact financing and gain access to new clients.

Investment Firms

Find new impactful strategies to allocate funds and a way to radically improve your unit economics.

Digital Platform

Join our network of investment and digital experts to power your platform with better capability.
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Join the Bluefin Partner Network and see how we can help you drive financial and impact results.

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Our team

Our founding team is made up of system change experts, successful investment banking and fintech executives, and skilled technology innovators.

Geoff Hirsh

Chief Executive Officer
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Chris Selth

Chief Investment Officer
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Alex Bould

Chief Technology Officer
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Bertrand Oliveira

Chief Product Officer
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