Founder, Chief Investment Officer
Meet our Team

Chris Selth


An award-winning fund manager who has consistently delivered industry leading investment returns, Chris believes the best way to maximise economic and human value is through people working within sustainable systems.

Chris co-founded Beckon Capital with a mission to mobilise capital where it can contribute to wellbeing, community resilience and a healthier environment – and provide quality returns to investors. Chris believes this is best achieved by enabling people to take authorship of their lives, to build a better planet and stronger communities. Sharing our learnings and developing better tools to support that process is how we make the difference the world needs.

Some of Chris’ achievements include:

  • Head of International Funds Management Operations at Bankers Trust
  • Founder of the ethical management fund Five Oceans Asset Management in 2006
  • An active participant in policy research with ADC Forum – an independent think tank for solutions to issues impacting Australia and the Asia Pacific region
  • Delivered influential papers, offering forward-thinking investment and economic solutions

Chris has completed a Bachelor of Economics (Hons) at the University of Sydney.


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